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Sometimes, simple is better. In fact, with some songs it can make all the difference.

My wife and I just finished watching DVD about Dottie Rambo. I've been listening to her music since the 70's. Hearing her stories told was wonderful. Her song, "He Looked Beyond My Fault" is a favorite. That song is a great example of the power and message than a simple lyric and melody can deliver.

Don't misunderstand me. I'm not placing myself anywhere near her level as a writer. I do have a simple song, though, that I'd like to share this month. While I'm including the track, I think this is one that could become a powerful 'acapella' number. The lyric is simple but says it all...

How can I say, "Lord keep me away
From the trials that come to me."
For it's these very things
And the growth that they bring
That draw me closer to Thee

Holy, Holy, Holy - Merciful and Just
Faithful Creator - Worthy of my trust
God of compassion
My heart now turns to Thee
Filled with Your love and praise
And peace, peace, peace

I encourage you, though, to make your own arrangement of this simple song. I think acapella would work best. I'd love to hear what you can do with it. The song and the track are copyrighted material, all rights reserved and all that stuff, but it’s free for your non-commercial use.

Smiles and Blessings…


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"Holy Holy Holy"


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