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Last week I had the opportunity to sing my new song "Oh What A Story" to a group at the First Baptist Church in Independence, Oregon. The more I sing that song, the more it works its way into my heart. It was a 'personal' song to write, but with each singing the truth of it becomes more and more real to me. I was approached after the service by someone who was putting a retreat together. She said she'd like to use "Oh What A Story" as the theme for the event. What an honor! Of course I said "yes"! It give me deep satisfaction to know that others can be touched by the realization that God, as 'author and finisher' of our faith, has a story for our lives.

Open the book of your life before Him and see what he'll write.


If someone had told me 3 years ago where I'd be today, I'd never have believed them! After spending more than 30 years saving songs as I write them, God has been opening doors and allowing me to share these things He's placed on my heart!

I have 3 CD's recorded now. A couple weeks ago I began work on number 4. Last week we finished the first run at a new song I'm really excited about. It's called "Oh, What A Story" and will be the title cut for this project. It came from a very deep place in my heart. Even though I wrote it, I'm touched each time I hear it play. Even though it's not out yet, here's a small preview.

We've made a major change in our living situation as well. After spending the last few year living on a farm - with all the associated livestock and tasks - we've decided to simplify. We've sold our property and moved into town. This will give us the resources we need (both in terms of time as well as finances) to be able to travel and minister as God opens doors. This has been a somewhat difficult transition, but we're confident we're following the leading of The Master.

I've been spending a lot of time in front of the computer working on Emcee Pro. What?? You haven't heard of that?? It's an exciting new software program that I use to manage my tracks when I sing. You can check it out here: Emcee Pro If you have any questions, comments, etc, feel free to drop me a line.

Ted and Kathleen Watson

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